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  • 23,95

    EasiYo Basic Package

    Would you like to get to know EasiYo products? Then this package might be for you. Everything you need to make a delicious yoghurt from EasiYo! In this package:
    • EasiYo Yoghurt Maker Red 1kg (1x)
    • EasiYo Strawberry Yoghurt (1x)
    Usually 25.50 €. As a “EasiYo Basic Package”: € 23,95!
  • 38,45

    EasiYo Tropical Package

    Bring summer into your home with this EasiYo package! In this package:
    • EasiYo Banana Yoghurt (3x)
    • EasiYo Greek Style Lime Yoghurt with Coconut Bits (3x)
    • EasiYo Greek Style Pineapple Yoghurt with Coconut Bits (3x)
    Usually € 40,95 . As “EasiYo Tropical Package”: € 38,45!